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California has one of the most consumer-protective lemon laws in the nation! 

Has your new or used car, truck, or SUV been back to the dealers shop for warranty repairs too many times, or has just spent an unreasonable number of days in the shop? You may have a valid claim under our California lemon law. A valid California lemon law demand that is presented to the automobile manufacturer by our law firm can often reach a resolution in as little as 15 days! A valid California lemon law settlement with the automobile manufacturer will allow you to get a refund of all the monies and payments you have made, as well as a payoff of any lease/loan balance owed and rid yourself of the defective vehicle. Or, if the consumer desires, a settlement can often yield a brand new replacement vehicle. In some cases, consumers can receive a large cash settlement payment and still keep their vehicle!

What kinds of problems or defects must my vehicle have to be a "lemon" in California?

In most California lemon law cases, the defect (problem) must "substantially impair the use of safety of the vehicle…". Examples of this are engine problems, transmission problems, steering problems, radiator/cooling system problems, brake problems, CHECK ENGINE or SRS/AIRBAG warning lights, electrical problems, driveline/rear differential problems, axle problems, alignment/abnormal tire wear problems, air conditioning/heating system problems, power windows/door locks problems, traction/ESP problems, dash warning light problems, and many problems/defects that substantially impair the vehicle’s use for everyday driving.

How many times must I got back to the dealer for warranty repair visits for the same problem?

This depends on many factors, including – but not limited to: how many months/years the vehicle has been in use under warranty, how many miles are on the vehicle, if the vehicle has been driven under or over the national average (12,000 miles per year), and the nature of the problem or defect(s).

Typically 3 or 4 repair visits for the same problem/defect will trigger a lemon law claim. However, if within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles from new car delivery the vehicle sees four (4) times in the shop for the same issue, or has spent a cumulative of over 30 days in for warranty repairs, it is "presumed" to be a "lemon" under our California lemon law statute. Additionally, if the problem can be proved to "likely cause serious injury or death" in the same months/miles time parameter set above, then only two (2) repair attempts are necessary under California lemon law. Please bear in mind that any vehicle that has had a history of problems and repairs while under warranty may qualify for lemon law relief, and is the reason a consumer should not decide in their own mind if their vehicle is a "lemon" or not. Only an experienced California lemon law attorney can make that determination.

Regardless of what your vehicle’s warranty repair history has been, you should call our firm or complete a FREE Case Evaluation Form to see if you have a "lemon".

I would like to discuss my vehicle’s problems, and find out if I have a case. What number do I call?


Having California’s largest lemon law firm on your side.

We are the California lemon law experts. Our team of experienced California lemon law attorneys have settled over 18,000 California lemon law cases. Our settlement success rate is 99%. We have over 32 years of experience settling California lemon law cases. Having California’s largest Lemon Law firm working for you has many benefits. Our attorneys travel the state. If the need arises - we come to you. Our California lemon law cases are processed quickly and efficiently. We spend extra time making sure our clients have all their questions answered, and
understand the lemon law claim and settlement process before their lemon law case is started. The time spent communicating continues until the case concludes. Though we are the state’s largest lemon law firm, we personally handle every call. We do not use "voice mail" or other electronic/computer phone systems. When you call our firm during business hours, you speak with live, knowledgeable people – not a computer or machine.

We know the automobile manufacturers. We have worked closely with them for 32 years. Quality working relationships between the lemon law attorney firm and the automobile manufacturer’s legal representatives is an integral part of ensuring a successful conclusion to each lemon law claim.   

I am visiting different California lemon law attorney’s websites. Are there differences in how a lemon law case can be pursued by one attorney firm or another?

Answer: Absolutely! In our 32 years of handling over 18,000 California lemon law cases, we have seen many clients come to us with cases wherein they had previous legal counsel, but released the lemon law attorney/firm by virtue of the firm not getting the results the client sought from the manufacturer (or the previous firm released them). Upon reviewing many of these cases and looking at the previous attorney firm’s correspondence with the manufacturer, it was immediately apparent why the results were not realized due to many reasons - different in each case - but we have also seen repetition to certain scenarios. Here are some examples of California Lemon Law cases that that the client turned over representation to our firm, and then we subsequently negotiated a settlement with the manufacturer for our clients: 

  1. Other firm focused on the problem with the most repair attempts, but was not the problem that produced "substantial impairment to use or safety" under our California lemon law statute. We pursued the correct problem/defect and settled the case.

  2. Other firm pursued the manufacturer to no avail. The defect was "intermittent". We had the client wait until the problem manifested itself and the client was able to videotape the defect/symptom. We then had the client give the servicing dealer a video CD of the symptom, the client got another repair – this time verified, wherein the other repair attempts had yielded "could not duplicate customers concern". At that juncture we pursued the manufacturer and got our client a buyback of their lemon vehicle.

  3. Other firm was telling client that the manufacturer would only offer a buyback, but the client has substantial negative equity from their trade-in, effectively putting them "upside down" (owing the manufacturer money). The client wanted a replacement. The manufacturer was not offering a replacement (not required in California). Upon assuming representation, we successfully negotiated a very large "cash settlement" with the client, allowing the client to then take the cash settlement, trade-in their vehicle for another new one (it was a same year- model) and not have to put in any money, nor carry over any negative equity.

  4. Client simply got a letter from previous attorney firm (we see this all the time), wherein the attorney firm simply "informs" the client in letter form that the attorney firm is not longer representing them in their California lemon law case, and released themselves as legal counsel. We then review and evaluate their documents, and pursue the manufacturers ourselves, reaching a settlement for our clients with the manufacturer.

Other firm was demanding the manufacturer to repurchase the vehicle under the California lemon law with nothing more than a "boilerplate" 2-page demand letter, without even asking the client for, nor providing the manufacturer with a copy of the Purchase Agreement and repair documents, instead simply stating letter copy to the effect of ‘too many times in the shop’. The client had not signed a Retainer Agreement with the other firm (and the other firm was allegedly doing the case at "no charge"), called and released the other firm, and hired us instead with a signed Retainer Agreement. We had the client get a "warranty repair history" printout from the servicing dealer (as the client did not have all his repair invoices and did not even know what a Warranty Repair History printout was), get the rest of his ownership documents, and send us a "complete" package. We then assembled the package, produced a  convincing legal demand to the manufacturer for a buyback pursuant to the California lemon law, and settled the case for the client with a vehicle repurchase (buyback).

We put everything in writing. You can read it right now…

To the left of this text is a "click" link entitled "Why choose our law Firm". This is your lemon law attorney firm "litmus test". This page on our website is printable, and tells you the 14 key reasons why you should utilize our lemon law firm to handle your potential California Lemon Law case. We believe that our clients are entitled to the very best legal representation – nothing less.

We receive legal fees and costs from the automobile manufacturer.

When our
California lemon law was enacted, the statute included a "reasonable attorneys fees and costs" provision. This means that the automobile manufacturer is responsible to pay us monies for our attorney’s fees (time) and costs (costs to pursue case). This makes legal representation a reality for the consumer.

We avoid needless lawsuits to save you time and frustration.

We are in the business of settling (winning) our clients California lemon law cases in the shortest possible time. We strive to settle our cases up-front with the automobile manufacturers to avoid potentially lengthy litigation (lawsuits). However, if the manufacturer is stubborn, and will not settle, we will vigorously enforce our client’s legal rights by taking all legal steps to pursue their Lemon Law claim. Our firm only has to go to court in roughly 5 of every 1,000 California lemon law cases we pursue. That’s the difference experience makes!

It’s time to take the next step…

Now that you have
discovered and read about our firm, why not call us now and find out if you have a qualifying Lemon Law case? It takes only minutes and you could be one step closer to ridding yourself of your "lemon" vehicle!

Statewide service to all California consumers.

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